Come have a nose around!

Come have a nose around!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

Decided to finish another Twilight Zone pic I started a while back! This episode is genius, check it out. When I watch it I get such a creepy, claustrophobic, big brothers watching you feeling (shivers) Oh, Im adding in progress pictures, because I myself love to see them on other peoples blogs, so thought people might want to see the same here.. Enjoy!


Line Work



  1. It's interesting to see how you use the environment to tell stories, something I could definitely learn from. I'm also a fan of the work in progress stages..especially on a blogformat, places like tumblr and facebook people just want to click "like" and move on.

    1. Thanks Dave for your kind comment! Im glad you like the work in progress pics, I was unsure to keep posting them or not :) Ha just started Tumblr the other week...and it was already hacked DOH!